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What is consulting?

Consultants are people who specialize in helping clients resolve their company’s most urgent problems, issues, or projects. They work across a huge range of roles and industries and share their gift of analyzing information and identifying the best path for each company to take.

Consultants tend to be individuals with at least a few years of experience under their belts in a particular field or focus. It’s this insight that they then sell as a service to other companies.

Consultants may work with multiple companies at one time, only spending a few hours a week on each. Or, they might be brought in full-time for 6 months to solve a bigger problem. It all depends on the company and the issue they’re trying to tackle.

Overall, a consultant’s job is to solve the issue they’re being hired for, and then move on to the next company.

Strategy Consulting

Starting at one of the broadest types of consulting, strategic consultants assist with the upper-level decision-making in a business. This is definitely a big-picture-thinking type of job, generally advising at the highest level within a company (think C-Suite, Directors, and Senior Managers. Since this is a broad role, it can fit into a variety of sectors. The more specific the role, the more the title will change.

Some examples are:

  • Financial Strategy
  • Consultant
  • Environmental Strategy Consultant
  • Business Strategy Consultant

Marketing consulting

Marketing is a very broad field of work, making it a bountiful option for consultants. From email marketing to paid acquisition, to content production, there are a ton of areas that marketing consultants can assist with. Overall, these consultants will develop new strategies to help companies better target or convert their key demographic.

For example, maybe a company needs to restructure its email onboarding campaigns to increase conversions. Or, it’s been running ads for months and hasn’t been able to reduce the Cost-Per-Click (CPC), creating a desperate need to rework ongoing ad campaigns.

Below are a few examples of marketing consulting roles that may peak your interest:

  • Email Marketing Consultant
  • Paid Acquisition Consultant
  • Content Marketing Consultant

Operations consulting

Another broad type of consulting is  operations.

An operational consultant uses data and research to help an organization streamline its operations, and/or enhance its operational performance.

For example, they could be tasked to help reduce costs, increase business efficiency, or improve company productivity. They may also be brought in to focus on the operations of individual teams.

A few operations consulting roles are:

  • Marketing Operations Consultant
  • Sales Operations Consultant
  • HR Operations Consultant

Financial consulting

Helping businesses manage their finances more effectively is a highly sought service. People in this role might be tasked with identifying cutbacks to improve profit, or simply protecting, restructuring, or maximizing a company’s bottom line.

Often, small businesses won’t have the need, or budget, to hire a full-time finance manager, and thus require a professional financial consultant to fill in the gap. On the flip side, larger corporations may get into a sticky situation and need outside finance advice to help set them on the right path.

A few specific financial consulting roles are:

  • Economic Consultant
  • Foreclosure Consultant
  • Fundraising Consultant

HR consulting

Human resources consultants support businesses in a number of ways including: training and development, maintaining employee satisfaction, and conflict resolution techniques. Sometimes people in this line of consulting are also brought on to recruit or hire new employees.

Overall, this type of consultant is dealing with people — hence, “human” resources.

A few examples of HR consulting roles are:

  • Healthcare Management Consultant
  • Compensation Consultant
  • Recruitment Consultant


Ensuring your business is adhering to federal and local laws and regulations is an important part of being a business owner. A wealth of knowledge of local and federal laws is a must for any compliance consultant.
Sure, it sounds a little boring, but it’s super important for businesses to be set up for success when it comes to complying with laws! A lawsuit is no laughing matter.

Technology / IT consulting

A technology consultant is hired to ensure a company’s software and technology aren’t hindering their productivity in any way. If it is, the consultant will recommend and implement changes to improve things. IT consultants could be hired for anything from software management to data analytics.

Individuals in these roles may also be responsible for ensuring devices and programs are secure so that private information cannot be hacked or breached.

Some examples of IT consultant / Technology consultant roles are:

  • Software Implementation Consultant
  • Cyber Security Consultant
  • Field Technical Consultant

Legal consultant

Larger companies will usually have their own internal lawyers or a law firm on contract, while many medium and small businesses don’t have the need for someone full-time.

Whatever the reason, when a legal consultant is called in, it’s their job to ensure the company is aware of all legalities and present a solution on how to move forward. It requires a lot of research, focus, and experience to provide the best information to their clients.

Due to the nature of this role, a person with a degree in business law is required to ensure their clients don’t fall foul of any laws surrounding their business.

Social media consultant

A part of the larger marketing category, social media consultants are a relatively new area of consultancy. A social media consultant ensures a business is doing all it can to drive potential customers to its website via its social media channels.

Unlike some of the other roles mentioned above, social media consultants are often self-made, or have gained their experience from work.

Sustainability consultant

These days, businesses must ensure they meet all manner of environmental regulations. A sustainability consultant might be someone with a Bachelor in Environmental Science who can help a business identify ways to reduce its carbon footprint and take on more sustainable practices.

Sales consultant

Sales consultants have a wide range of skills that help drive a business’s revenue. This can range from helping incentivize the sales team to improving the sales process on the customer’s side. A sales consultant is a relationship and negotiation expert.

Similar to marketing, securing a sales consultant role requires proven experience and records of surpassing sales targets, and maintaining large books of business. In this role, experience outweighs a formal sales education.

Wellness/Fitness consultant

A fitness consultant is so much more than a personal trainer. They often hold degrees in nutrition or sports science and can help their clients implement fitness programs on a company-wide or personal level.

Growth marketing consultant

A newer type of consulting that falls within the marketing umbrella is the growth marketing consultant. This is a relatively new term, but the premise is simple: these consultants help to grow and scale a company through “growth marketing” efforts.

Examples would be, finding and scaling new channels for acquisition, or finding ways to improve the overall marketing funnel to increase conversions.

Career coaching consultancy

Sometimes people hit walls in their life and end up stuck in a job or career path they don’t want to be in. A career coaching consultant can help people identify their skills and what type of job they’d flourish in.

Personal development consultants work closely with their clients and help them develop strategies and techniques to improve aspects of their personal life.

PR consultancy

A PR consultant can help extend the reach of a company’s presence and improve the public’s view of a company. They help shape what people think about a business’s products or services, employees, or ownership.

PR consultants are usually tasked with writing and pitching press releases, building campaigns, working with media and influencer partners, conducting or setting up interviews, etc.